As reported earlier on the site, Alberto Del Rio’s status with Lucha Underground is up in the air. According to those in the company, his return for season two of the show is not likely. He was the highest paid wrestler in the promotion, and if he wanted too, he could get out of his contract with them. Del Rio has had some talks with TNA, which had wanted him as soon as he got his WWE release, and has told him that they will make him the top star of the promotion if he comes in. However, he would have to be released from Lucha Underground before doing so. Also, New Japan Pro Wrestling has an interest in him as they believe he can be a top headliner for them.

In an update, one person close to Del Rio said, “Alberto is out as of right now,” blaming money and creative for the downfall in the relationship with Lucha Underground. Del Rio is telling promoters that he will not be taking any bookings after November because he wants to spend December with his family.

Back to WWE, Del Rio has told some who are close to him that he’s willing to return to WWE to work WrestleMania. He is also requesting that his return be an advertised one and not a surprise return.


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