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An attorney from Memphis, Tennessee is saying that Jerry Lawler’s family should request an independent review into the suicide death of Brian Christopher.

The attorney, Jeff Rosenblum, has filed suits against county jails in the past for inmates who had been denied proper medical treatment or who have been injured while locked up.

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While the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has already opened up a further investigation into the suicide, Rosenblum isn’t convinced that will turn up answers for the Lawler family.

“What is the TBI going to do?” Rosenblum said to Fox 13. “What documentation are they looking at? Are they looking at surveillance video? I want to know more. If it is my son and my client? I want to know more.”

Rosenblum has won multiple cases against county and state-run jails and prisons and he suggests that there is fault in this tragedy that doesn’t lie solely with Christopher’s own decision to end his life. There should be safeguards in place to prevent things like suicide when someone is in confinement.

“Most suicides are preventable, and most suicides in confinement are and should be prevented,” Rosenblum said.

Hardeman County Sheriff John Doolen had said that Lawler was isolated because of his famous name, and that he showed no signs of being suicidal. Rosenblum isn’t moved by this explanation.

“I want to see the log books,” he said. “I want to talk to the inmates I want to get statements from those inmates, get statement from them to make sure that is an accurate statement.”

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