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It appears the man with two hands and a fighting chance may be set to come back under the World Wrestling Entertainment auspices. PWInsider confirmed that James Ellsworth is scheduled to be at the Money In The Bank event in Chicago this weekend.

Ellsworth was sent packing back in November after his comical role as essentially Carmella’s male valet was written off into embarrassing oblivion. It was actually a decent little gimmick until WWE’s creative geniuses made him start acting like a dog and being excessively demeaned. WWE writers do so often have a hard time seeing that line between cringe and comedy. Prior to that, though, Ellsworth had been doing a fine job and was actually quite an entertaining side-show to Carmella’s own bright star.

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So through no fault of his own, Ellsworth was forced out. But as an old Michael Corleone once said, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” It is unclear just how “back” Ellsworth will be, as the plans for him are unknown. It is most likely just a one-off to hearken last year’s Money In The Bank somehow. Last year Ellsworth drew significant heat for his pivotal part in helping Carmella become the first-ever women’s MITB winner.

It was the source of much controversy, having a man essentially win the first women’s MITB ladder match. The social justice warriors of the world pounded their keyboards mightily, but even legends like Jerry “The King” Lawler thought it was a bad call. In a business that is supposed to be about drawing heel heat, one might have thought it was actually an amazing call – one of the great heel moves in recent memory. But alas, who needs all that when there is pandering to be done.

The incident led to an actual do-over of the match (yes, really) and this time Carmella won on her own without any help. So there were two versions of the same match, one for fans of pro wrestling craft and one for fans of political correctness. As a matter of fact, Ellsworth was turned into Carmella’s slave-dog soon afterwards and his last appearance on WWE TV was him being beat up and defeated in a match against Becky Lynch. So just in case there was somehow some doubt cast on WWE’s feelings about strong women, the over-the-top ousting of Ellsworth might provide some lucid insight on the matter.

Ellsworth’s presence at MITB will almost certainly be to use last year’s controversy for this year’s story somehow. Carmella is also defending her Smackdown Women’s Championship against Asuka as well, so he might also become involved in that match somehow. Time will tell.


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