The conclusion of WrestleMania 34 left many shocked, as Brock Lesnar basically squashed Roman Reigns; leaving the challenger bloodied and beaten after a sixth F5. According to the Wrestling Observer Radio, the booking was decided only days earlier.

“The decision actually made, the agreement was made for Lesnar to stay right on the Monday they did that interview. So on the go-home show where he said if he loses [both Lesnar and Paul Heyman will never be seen again]. So they actually made the deal that day but the contract for him to stay wasn’t signed until Sunday, it was before the match.”

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Lesnar re-signed with WWE on a short term deal and there is belief he will return to the UFC for at least one fight. The Universal Champion is currently set to take on Reigns inside a steel cage at the Greatest Royal Rumble later this month in Saudi Arabia. The big title change could very well happen there.

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