– For the month of August, WWE live events in North America averaged 5,634 paid fans. This is up 25.9% from the 4,474 in August of 2011.

– WWE.com had 12.9 million unique visitors in August, up 11.2% from the 11.6 million in August 2011. However, online merchandise orders were way down – 548 per day in August of this year, down 50% from the 1,097 per day in August of 2011.

– WWE shipped 301,000 DVD units this August, up 7.9% from the 279,000 in August 2011. Regarding DVD’s released since December, the most shipped are WrestleMania 28 with 219,000 units, The Rock’s set with 148,000, The Undertaker’s Streak set with 93,000, the Royal Rumble with 84,000 and the Best PPV Matches of 2011 set with 83,000 units shipped. To figure actual DVD sales, it would be about 60% of the number shipped.

– As noted before, WWE will debut Main Event on Ion next Wednesday night. Most fans are expecting the show to be like WWE Superstars where the first few weeks features top talents and then midcarders get used. Word is that WWE is gearing this show up to not be another throw-away like Superstars has turned into. Apparently Ion is paying them for a quality show so they have to draw ratings.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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