Alberto Del Rio signed a deal with WWE that would see him make $1,450,000 per year downside with a reduced schedule, which is largely because WWE felt they needed an big Hispanic star. Del Rio was in talks with WWE for several weeks. Some sources say that the deal was made five weeks ago while others will say it was made three weeks ago. The plan of him coming in and beating John Cena in Los Angeles at the Hell in a Cell PPV to win the U.S. title as a surprise had been planned for several weeks.

At one point, Del Rio was in talks with John Gaburick at TNA after his deal with Lucha Underground fell apart. TNA offered him the top spot in the company.

Del Rio is being advertised for several shows for AAA in the month of November and December. The belief is that since WWE is in Europe for most of November and if he is not booked on the shows then he will be able to work the AAA events.

Before signing with WWE again, Del Rio was in talks with AAA for an exclusive deal, but they could not match what WWE was offering regarding payment. AAA was disappointed, but there seemed to be no hard feelings between Del Rio and the promotion.


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