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Stephanie McMahon’s personal assistant, Constable Baron Corbin, recently spoke with KELOLAND Living ahead of Monday Night Raw in Sioux Falls. Corbin talked about why he cut his hair recently – from long to gone – and says it was all part of looking more professional for his new job as Constable.

“It was just a part of stepping into this role that Stephanie has given me and looking professional,” Corbin said. “And if I’m gonna be telling people what to do, I want to look professional as well.”

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Corbin also said, on a personal note, his hair is now much easier to deal with.

“It was great to get rid of the long hair. It’s such a pain, you know,” Corbin said. “You look at it and it’s always wet when guys wrestle and you dump gallons of conditioner in it to keep it wet so you’re not choking on it and you have all kinds of stuff in it. Just maintaining it is a lot of work. I don’t envy people with long hair, so I’m glad mine is gone.”

He talked about making the transition from being an NFL player to being a WWE superstar. Corbin says there were some aspects that were the same, like the work ethic, even though he had to change up certain lifestyle methods.

“It’s had its ups and downs for sure,” he said. “The exciting part is to get in the NFL you have to dedicate yourself to becoming an NFL football player. From your diet, to the weight room, to your sleep habits, to just your lifestyle in general. It is a 100% commitment. And transitioning to WWE it was the same. I had to change my body. I was 335 pound, 330 pounds when I was playing football, I was like a walking refrigerator, if you will. But having to change my body and my workout style and all this stuff, that’s the stuff I love, that’s the stuff I enjoy is the grind of trying to become successful and then getting the payoff.

Corbin said his first monumental payoff was when he made his debut at WrestleMania and won the Andre The Giant Battle Royal. He also said, however, there were some crucial differences in the approach to WWE performing.

“Then the biggest change is, when you’re playing professional sports you’re always taught ‘don’t show emotion’, ‘don’t show your opponent you’re tired or you’re angry’, and now you’re coming to WWE and you want to convey those emotions to millions of people around the world,” Corbin said. “You want them to feel everything that you’re feeling. So that’s an adjustment to really kind of let it out. It was hard to open up and let people in.”

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