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– With SmackDown 1,000 taking place in about six weeks, WWE will no doubt want to bring in big names that have helped shape the brand. According to Dave Batista, he hasn’t heard anything from WWE and seems have given up on the company. Batista tweeted,

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Batista had two runs with WWE that were complete opposites. The first time around, he was part of Evolution; which was followed with WWE and World Heavyweight Championship reigns. The second time was met with a negative response as WWE booked Batista as a face, despite the fans consistently booing. He would quickly turn heel and reform Evolution in two losing efforts to The Shield. Batista left after the feud, unhappy with WWE’s creative direction.

Right now, Batista doesn’t need the money from pro wrestling as he’s becoming a major player in Hollywood. Although in the past, Batista has expressed wanting a farewell run in WWE.

Undertaker will be at SmackDown 1,000 and Edge has been rumored to also appear. WWE has already confirmed AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe, Daniel Bran vs. The Miz and Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton. SmackDown 1,000 is October 23 from the Capital One Arena.

– Ric Flair got married yesterday, which is his fifth attempt at figuring out this thing called marriage. He married Wendy Barlow, who was known as FiFi The Maid in the early days of WCW. The two have been together for over five years and she was there when the WWE Hall of Famer had his medical scare.

We know that Undertaker was in attendance and Dolph Ziggler walked Wendy down the aisle. Little strange that Ziggler was there and had such an important role.

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