– For what it’s worth, SuperLuchas passes on a rumor that Batista is being speculated to make a WWE return at the 2013 Royal Rumble.

– We noted before that WWE was toying with the idea of bringing back the incompetent General Manager storyline where eventually Vince McMahon would name a replacement for Booker T and AJ Lee. After being forced into a match with Kane on Monday’s RAW, announcer Matt Striker continued the angle on Twitter by ranting about AJ:

“Plz dont misunderstand. AJ is a talented, bright young lady; but a GM should be fair and just and not delegate based on whim. #Unfit2lead”

– After working last night’s SmackDown tapings, Randy Orton took a flight back to Vancouver this morning for his last week of filming WWE Studios’ 12 Rounds: Reloaded. Orton confirmed on Twitter that they will wrap the movie in the next week.

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