Bayley recently spoke with USA Today’s “For The Win” and gave her thoughts on why fans connect with her so much, and how she feels heading into her first WrestleMania this Sunday.

On why fans connect with her:

I still try to figure that out myself.  The way I feel connected to them — and it might feel different than the way they feel connected to me or it might be the same – I still feel like I’m such a fan. Every time I come out I can’t believe that I’m here and I really do remember just the feeling of being at WWE shows. Maybe they can sense that, maybe not.

Every time I give out a shirt or a headband or just give a hug to one of the kids or high-five to one of the dudes wearing my headband, I just remember how cool it was to have my favorite superstars just look at a sign I spent all night making or point in my direction. It would make my whole night. I want to give back. I’m so excited to be there so I can’t imagine how they feel.  I get to do this all the time, you know?

On how she feels going into ‘Mania:

It’s very nerve-wracking, but it’s something I’ve been waiting for a really long time. I always put myself when I was at the NXT TakeOvers that one day I’d be at Mania, so I’ve sort of been preparing my mind mentally.

I think the most nerve-wracking thing is that my whole family’s going to be there pretty much. I get really nervous in front of them, and they make me more emotional, so that’s the problem. As long as I don’t cry walking down the ramp, I’ll be OK.

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