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Big Cass has earned some heat backstage for last week’s SmackDown segment with a little person dressed like Daniel Bryan. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cass went off scrpit.

The plan was for Cass to hit a big boot to end the segment. Although, Cass kept the beating going after hitting the boot. Before the segment started, Cass asked people backstage if the could do more than a boot to the face. He was denied and even went to Vince McMahon, who also denied the request. 

Cass returned to TV several weeks ago after suffering a knee injury right after SummerSlam. Before getting hurt, Cass had taken slack for constantly praising Donald Trump.

At Backlash, Daniel Bryan made Cass tap out in about eight minutes. Post-match, Cass would leave Bryan laying after a beating in and out of the ring.

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