Longtime wrestling fan and reporter Bill Apter recently spoke to WrestleZone Radio about his brand new book and working for the WWE. About a year ago, Apter was flown into Full Sail (where NXT is taped) and conducted 15-minute interviews with the likes of the late Dusty Rhodes, Larry Zbyszko and Terry Taylor. The footage has never aired and Apter believes it could be used for the WWE Network someday.

“It’s still there in Network land as a pilot show and whether it will get picked up or not I have no idea,” said Apter. “Just the fact that Triple H, who is an old school guy in a new school world, appreciates the history and was able to mix it with what Vince McMahon wants as well. The fact that he got in touch with me and reached out to me and asked me to host this pilot show was the most amazing thing of my career to date.”

Apter also discussed his book, “Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken.” The title came to Apter during the late 1970s when Abdullah the Butcher met Mr. Wrestling #2. Abdullah would blade during the match and a young southern fan would approach Apter about wrestling being fake. The book was made available this week and runs for about $15.

To hear the entire podcast with Apter, please click here.

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