– WWE posted an interview with Booker T about his decision to ban Sheamus’ Brogue kick.

“I think I did the right decision,” Booker said. “I banned the Brogue kick for one reason and one reason only, because I have a litigation hanging over my head right now. Until my thorough investigation is totally complete, the Brogue kick is out. And then I went as far to tell Sheamus if he used that Brogue kick again, he will be stripped of the World Heavyweight championship. Now in saying that, hopefully Sheamus got the message.”

– Former TNA wrestlers Devon and Jesse Neal teased the possibility of going to WWE during a recent Twitter exchange.

Devon: “@TheJesseNeal 6 days a week … got to get ready …. you know something , i think you and i could be a tag team . i think it will work… now we do it together and the world would be ours”

Jesse: “that definitely sounds like a plan. Just on a bigger stage…….”

Devon: “HMM…. i have just the place …”

Jesse: “one day soon we will be laughing……. U know the spot!!”

Devon: “testify my brother” oh I plan on it…… Ha! See ya soon.”

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