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– Enzo started on the main star as a major hit with fans, teaming alongside Big Cass. Within a few months, reports starting coming out how Enzo was not well liked in the locker room. Everything came to a head hours before RAW’s 25th anniversary show as social media was buzzing for all the wrong reasons. A woman had accused Enzo of rape months before and the story just went public.

WWE quickly suspended Enzo and days later the Cruiserweight Champion was fired. Considering all the trouble Enzo had caused, not informing WWE about the accusations was the final straw. From the beginning, Enzo claimed innocence.

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The case was closed by the Phoenix Police Department, with Enzo not being charged with any crimes.

Below is a copy of the Phoenix Police Department’s report on Enzo.

“In reviewing the totality of this investigation, it does not warrant the submission for any criminal charges at this time. There is insufficient evidence to corroborate the victim’s disclosure of sexual assault. There were no witnesses to the incident and the forensic examination and crime lab results do not provide evidence of a sexual assault at this time.

“The suspect did not give a direct statement to police, but did give an indirect statement through his attorney that all contact with the victim was consensual.
“Cell phone and social media data and information contradict some of the initial statements about the incident and there is no cell phone or social media data that can corroborate the sexual assault disclosure.

“Witness statements made to law enforcement contradict the victim’s statements.

“Video surveillance does confirm that the parties involved were together at the Clarendon Hotel on the night in question. The footage also confirms the victim leaving that morning. The video surveillance does not capture or corroborate the disclosure of sexual assault.

“The facts of the case do not allow this case to proceed at this time. In the event that additional evidence comes to light, that can corroborate the victim’s disclosure of sexual assault, this case can be re-opened and further investigated. Until such evidence is located or provided this case will be closed.

“Case closed.”

– Missing from RAW was Bray Wyatt, who was involved in a three car accident over the weekended. He was cited for the accident, which saw him suffer some injuries. Wyatt is doing better as he worked Friday’s live event from Philadelphia, teaming with Woken Matt Hardy to defeat Titus Worldwide and The B-Team.

Wyatt is expected to compete at tonight’s live event from Madison Square Garden, where he will once again team with Hardy.

Here’s a photo of Wyatt at the Philadelphia live event.

WWE still has RAW Tag Team Champions Wyatt & Hardy vs. The B-Team scheduled for Sunday’s Extreme Rules. The match was supposed to happen at Money in the Bank, but WWE pulled the bout with no explanation. The show did run long, so WWE simply moved the match.

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