Bray Wyatt recently spoke with The Mirror and talked about his upcoming WWE World Title defense against Randy Orton and also what it was like when he won the belt.

On his match with Orton at WrestleMania 33:

It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. And going into the biggest event of the year, me and Randy have so much history together now. and like you said, there is the twists and the turns, and how bad I really just want to hit him! Ha ha. It gives the fans a platform, to really invest in something, and that’s a tribute to a lot of people. But it’s going to be something special man, that I promise you.

On winning the title at Elimination Chamber:

You know I’ve seen a lot of people react to it differently. I never thought really of how I would react if that moment ever happened to me, I always just wanted to let it be how it was. I never felt like crying or going nuts like some people do. When I was given the title, when they handed it to me and I grabbed it and looked at it for the first time and I held it above my head, it was just a feeling of ‘see, I told you, I told all of you and no-one listened, and here we are’. Not a lot of people get to say ‘up yours’ to everyone who ever doubted them, but I did. That moment was mine.


Bayley showed up at the WWE Performance Center ahead of her Raw Women’s Title defense this Sunday at WrestleMania 33:

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