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Bret Hart has been without the use of his right thumb and index finger since undergoing a botched surgery back in 2015.

The Calgary Sun reports that Hart filed a $1 million lawsuit against the surgeon, Dr. Justin Yeung.

Hart had gone in for wrist surgery to correct an injury that had been nagging him for years. When he followed up with Yeung 6 weeks later to get some pins taken out, Hart pointed out the lack of mobility in his hand. Yeung told Hart to take a “wait and see” approach but the problem persisted.

The lawsuit alleges the following:

“The defendants were negligent, breached the duties of care they owed to Mr. Hart and breached their agreement with (him).”

It continues saying, “(The defendants left) a tourniquet on Mr. Hart’s right arm on too long, such that the circulation of the nerves and tendons to his right thumb and index finger were damaged by a prolonged insufficient supply of oxygen.”

The lawsuit also addresses Harts physical limitations:

“He is unable to participate in his previous recreational and social activities. He is unable to use his right hand to pick up and functionally use objects, including pens, pencils, eating utensils and tools.”

Hart had another surgery in October but the results are not conclusive yet.

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