Before being the Funkasaurus in WWE or the massive bodyguard Tyrus for TNA’s Ethan Carter III, Brodus Clay was responsible for protecting rap legend Snoop Dogg. He recently spoke to WrestleZone Radio about being a bodyguard for Snoop before even getting into the wrestling business.

Being Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard:

“The biggest thing about Snoop is, you gotta understand, everybody wants a piece of him. They want to touch him. They want to talk to him. They feel like Snoop is the kind of guy that they can have a beer with or hang out at their house and play video games with. Fans are very aggressive when it comes to Snoop. They just want a piece of him so much. I would probably say more so than any other celebrity because he’s so tangible. He’s always around. So, you have to be very aggressive in setting boundaries with people. Letting them know that it’s not something they are going to do. During my time with Snoop we never had a situation where somebody got hands on him. They tried numerous times. Especially in Europe. Very, very hands on huggy people.”

They went over a slew of other topics, including his initial idea that the Funkasaurus gimmick was a career killer, which can be heard by clicking here.

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