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It was reported recently that Bruce Prichard’s podcast on WWE Network was going to be covering the CM Punk trial, but it seems that may not be the case exactly. According to an interview with TV Insider, Prichard will only be giving his perspective from days when he was actually there behind the scenes.

“I don’t know anything about the court case other than what I’ve read online and different things like that,” Prichard said. “Me trying to comment on that is no different than any other media source commenting on it. I don’t know firsthand. I wasn’t there for that time. I want to tell stories of Punk in his early days in WWE and the growth before he exploded.”

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The podcast Something To Wrestle with Bruce Prichard actually began with just Prichard and host Conrad Thompson doing their own thing online. They built a following and were then approached to start doing the show on WWE Network. Since then, they’ve been redoing some of the topics they’d already covered and Prichard says the Punk stuff they did was popular with fans.

“We covered it on the podcast, and it did really well for us,” Prichard said. “He is topical, so it was a perfect way to end the season. And if they don’t pick us up for Season 2 — no, we hope to be back for Season 2. You always want to end on a high note. I think covering Punk in his early days is a high note.”

Prichard says even though they’re rehashing certain topics, they’ve been able to enhance the quality of the product because WWE had lots of unseen footage from those specific time periods.

“With the ‘Million Dollar Man’ episode, for example, there was stuff of me producing Ted [DiBiase] in the back, and footage I didn’t even know existed,” Prichard said. “That was the cool part of it. The behind-the-scenes nuggets that the production people love to hunt and find that piece of footage. A lot of it is there, and I didn’t realize it. And that helps tell the story.”

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