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Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander and Tye Dillinger both wound up apologizing on Twitter for making rape jokes 6 or 7 years ago. Some fans on Tuesday evidently had to dig back the better part of a decade to find them but, sure enough, they turned up the controversial tweets and then called the two stars out.

Alexander and Dillinger couldn’t have predicted the hyper-sensitive climate of 2018 back when they made the jokes in 2011/2012, but they’ve also had that much time to grow into more mature people. Both men have since taken to Twitter to apologize.

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Here are some screecaps of the tweets that caused all the problems:

And here are Dillinger and Alexander’s apology tweets:

It seems a bit odd that both guys had the same type of dirt, from the same time-period, dug up on them the same day… But there it is. Everyone is now accountable for everything they’ve ever said publicly, joke or no joke. And the collective sense of humor in the present doesn’t have much remorse for the one from the past.

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