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Multiple fans on Twitter have commented to say that it appears United States Champion Jeff Hardy may have been possibly injured during a Smackdown dark match against The Miz earlier.

Here are the tweets:

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So far that information is all there is to go on but stay tuned as things develop. Jeff had just recently made his return after injuring his labrum and rotator cuff back in the summer of 2017. That was a serious injury and a significantly long road back. Hopefully whatever the issue is here with him limping isn’t serious, as he’s just been given a big title push upon his return to action.

It was looking like WWE was making him central to the US Title division, but if this turns out to be another serious injury to his leg, it would make him one of the most accident prone WWE superstars around. Still, Jeff is a superstar very familiar with being injured and has said in past interviews he lives with pain every day.

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