Christopher Daniels joined Inside The Ropes this past week. Here are a few highlights from the interview.

On CM Punk in ROH and did he see him ending up in the spot he’s in today in WWE: “I saw that he had the work ethic to make it work. A lot of times it’s just a matter of getting that opportunity. It’s funny that the example of what he is and what Daniel Bryan is, goes against the grain of what the WWE is trying to do. It seems very rare that they take guys off the indies anymore. You know they’ve got the Performance Center and they want their wrestlers to start from there at the bottom. It’s almost like they’re trying to grow wrestlers in a petri dish and then you look at guys like Punk, Bryan and Antonio Cesaro who worked all over the world on the independent scene and it seems like they’re doing well for themselves and making it in the WWE system despite not being brought up in the WWE system.”

“It was great. We definitely tried to do something different in the approach to that story rather than just in the way that guys are always working for championships or blood feuds. We wanted to go personal. It caught people off guard a little bit because it was personal, it was different. You know, involving Dixie in it and Claire Lynch, that sorta stood apart from the standard wrestling storylines. It gave Frankie and I the first opportunity to get on the mic for a long term scenario. They’d let us talk before but nothing as long term as what we had. That was when people saw that Frankie and I could talk and we could become compelling characters and we’ve tried to keep that momentum going ever since.”

Going back to Orlando with Impact: “I think it was good. We jsut got back from doing our first tapings there in I think 8 months and they were very well received. The fans welcomed us back with open arms. We had a little different set up than we did before so there’s definitely a little freshness to it there that we didn’t have last year and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next set of tapings go in December and you know, once we settle back down to an actual soundstage that’s gonna become ours and see how it goes. I think it’s the best thing for our company. You know, we did the thing when we went around taping the shows at different venues around the United States and that worked well for us but there were also negatives, cost wise it wasn’t really effective for us so I feel like going back and doing what’s best and going back to a central location, and hopefully having the opportunity to go out on occasion whether it’s for TV or PPVs to go to other cities, I think that’s gonna be better for us overall. A little bit of the best of both worlds. I think it benefits us in the long run.”

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