Before the match, there’s an interesting backstage segment. Santino and R-Truth argue in the back, and play with the new Money In The Bank play set. Los Matadores and Fandango appear out of nowhere. Santino tells Fandango that is it not a dance party and John Laurinaitis shows up.

Punk and Bryan come out first, separately in that order. Bray cuts a promo about what Sister Abigail told him about Punk and Bryan and then says that they’ll hunt Punk and Bryan like dogs. Bray and family then announce their arrival and the eerie music starts.

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Rowan starts off with Bryan. Bryan ducks a few clotheslines and works on Rowan’s legs. Rowan corners Bryan and hits him in the chest. Headbutt by Rowan. Punk tags himself in and Rowan decks him with a few shots before tagging in Harper. Punk kicks Harper and hits him with a crossbody off the second rope – only to get a two count.

Harper sends Punk into his corner and tags in Rowan. Punk finds himself in a bear hug and breaks free. Bryan gets tagged in and they try to double-suplex Rowan but he counters. Rowan pummels Bryan in the corner.

Bryan is able to counter Rowan’s attacks and tags in Punk. They finally land the double-suplex but he finds his way back to his feet quickly and dishes out more punishment. Harper makes his way to the ring but he cannot hold Punk down, as he and Bryan hit their opponent with a double-dropkick.

Rowan distracts Punk, and Harper delivers a big boot to the face.

Quick tag and a backbreaker by Rowan, who gets a two count. Back in the ring, Harper lands a few uppercuts. Harper has Punk in a Gator Roll, but Punk breaks out of it. Punk tags in Bryan, who starts to clear house.

Bryan hits Harper with a dropkick off the top rope. Bryan gets in a hurricanrana on Harper. He tries to do it from the top rope, but Harper powerbombs him from the second rope. Punk interferes but Rowan throws him out of the ring.

Rowan gets tagged in and gets a two count after a splash. Rowan hits Bryan with three powerslams, and gets another two count. Harper gets tagged in and suplexes Bryan. Punk hits Harper from the apron, and the crowd cheers on Bryan to make the tag.

Punk comes in, and dives onto Bray Wyatt and Rowan on the outside. He hits Harper with an elbow drop off the top rope. Two count for Punk. Punk signals the GTS, but Rowan saves Harper. Bryan takes out Rowan with the flying knee and Punk catches Harper with the GTS after The Wyatt Family member missed a spinning clothesline.

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan defeat Luke Harper & Erick Rowan by pinfall

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