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CM Punk will be on trial for defamation after disparaging comments made back in 2014 about WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Punk’s trial will fall just three weeks before his last-chance UFC fight against Mike Jackson on June 9th.

Meltzer expressed his own personal thought that Punk, real name Phil Brooks, should delay his fight considering the trial is no small outing and will involve him testifying and being cross-examined.

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The comments in question occurred on Colt Cabana’s podcast in November of 2014, where Punk railed against Dr. Amann’s alleged negligence regarding various injuries he’d endured and been mistreated for. The injuries included a back injury, a concussion and a staph infection.

Cabana is also being sued in the case and mentioned the lawsuit while appearing on The LAW in October on 2017. He didn’t reveal much, except to say that it was costing him a lot of money and appeared to be more than just intimidation. The lawsuit, according to Cabana, appeared to be going forward and had made him realize the risks of hosting a show where controversial points of view are expressed.

Punk lost his first UFC fight in devastating fashion, ultimately tapping to a rear-naked choke from Mickey Gall back in 2016 at UFC 203. One would think the former WWE Champion wouldn’t want to have his attention diverted by something so serious leading up to a professional fight scenario that is make or break for his uncertain career as an MMA fighter.

However, Punk has a stubborn and bitter streak and it’s not hard to imagine that he has a chip on his shoulder about the whole situation. He likely doesn’t want to let the WWE doctor affect his plans and perhaps refuses to make accomoations for a trial against him, especially if he feels he’s been wronged. He does this at his own peril, and while there are always two sides to a story, Punk does seem like he’s his own worst enemy at times.

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