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– CM Punk might not be under contract with UFC, but that hasn’t stopped the former WWE Champion from quitting his pursuits for an MMA career. While Punk is currently busy, he’ll be back to training after he finishes some previous commitments. 

“Yeah, of course,” said Punk to 411 Mania. “From January until my fight, I was inundated with offers to do all kinds of other stuff, but focus had to be on the fight and the camp and all that stuff. So, what I’m doing now since my fight is I’m finishing all these other projects that I’ve been doing. […] As soon as I wrap here, I’ll be right back in the gym.”

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Without any amateur experience, Punk was signed to a UFC contract where he made at least $1 million per fight after everything was said and done. He lost his debut to Micky Gall via first round submission and then to Mike Jackson by unanimous decision. UFC President Dana White was not impressed with either performance so Punk and Jackson were released. 

Punk was recently filming a movie and before that worked on a remake of Rabid.

– If you believe Lanny Poffo, Randy Savage’s brother, WWE planned on Savage vs. Shawn Michaels in 1993 in what would be a two year feud.

“[Savage’s] plan was to toast to Shawn Michaels’ career,” said Poffo on the Genius Cast podcast. “He would pour a drink; they would toast and then they would drink. Then, Randy would smash the bottle over Shawn Michaels’ head, starting a two-year feud ending in WrestleMania; where Shawn Michaels loses his hair if he loses and Randy returns to the announcing table if he loses.”

The angle was scratched when Pat Patterson told Savage that WWE was focusing on the youth and the announce table was a better suit compared to the ring.

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