The pay-per-view commences with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon making their way to the ring. They instead stay on the entrance ramp, and guarantee that the main event match will not have any outside interference. Triple H announces that the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series match will commence the action.

Rey Mysterio is out first, followed by The Usos. Goldust and Cody Rhodes come out to the loudest reaction. The Real Americans then make their way down to the ring, and Zeb Colter talks about the Boston Tea Party and that there are no revolutionaries amongst them. Colter then says the audience is too busy twerking and tweeting (and actually attempts a twerk). After Colter takes a shot at David Ortiz, Cody stops him from talking and twerks. The Shield enter from the crowd.

Cody starts to work on Dean Ambrose, who throws Cody in the corner and works the body. Cody fights back but takes a knee in the gut coming off the ropes. Ambrose starts to talk smack to the referee, and Cody gets a roll up on him – and gets the three count. Ambrose is eliminated.

The Real Americans and The Shield interfere, and The Usos clean house by throwing them out of the ring and hitting them with aerial maneuvers onto the outside.

Goldust and Cesaro find themselves as the legal men, with Swagger being tagged in. They hit Goldust with a double-elbow to the body. Cesaro and Swagger tagging each other often to dish out more pain. Swagger hits Goldust with a spinebuster. Swagger then hits Goldust with a Vader Bomb, and Cesaro jumps over him to stomp on Goldust.

Cesaro was hit with a DDT but he kept the pressure on Goldust, who starts to wake up and cleans out the opposite corner. Cesaro tags him Swagger, but Goldust countered his attack and tagged in Mysterio. Swagger catches Mysterio in mid air but Rey postures Swagger on the ropes and hits the 6-1-9. He tags the Usos, who hit Swagger with a huge splash off the top rope for the three count. Swagger has been eliminated.

Cesaro storms in and performs the Cesaro Swing on both Usos, one after another.

A dizzy Cesaro loses track of the Jey Uso, who tags in Cody and he eliminates Cesaro with a sunset flip, followed by a pin.

Jey Uso works on Roman Reigns, who clocks him with a clothesline and tags in Rollins. A few punches and a pin by Rollins, but he gets the two count. Rollins & Reigns work on Jey, with Rollins coming off the top rope to strike Jey in the face. Two count by Rollins. Jey counters a double reverse suplex, and tags in his brother who is dishing out clotheslines left and right.

Reigns finally controls Jimmy and follows him to the top rope. Jimmy throws him down but eats a knee on the way down. Reigns hits him with the spear, and eliminates him.

Cody and Rollins are the legal men, and Cody hits Rollins with the Cross Rhodes but Rollins tagged in Reigns, who hits Cody with the spear and eliminates him too. Jey Uso is then eliminated by Seth Rollins, who hits him with a vicious stomp to the back of the head. Mysterio joins Rollins in the ring, and starts to get a beating for his troubles before he kicks Rollins to the side of the head. Two count for Mysterio.

Rollins is able to steer away from Mysterio and tags in Reigns, who tosses Mysterio outside of the ring with ease. Mysterio beats the ten count, and moves out of Reigns’ spear. Rollins is tagged in and Mysterio catches him in a roll up for the three count. As soon as Rollins is eliminated, he attacks Mysterio. Reigns taunts Mysterio in the corner, and attempts a body slam but Mysterio fights it off and hits Reigns with a kick to the head. Mysterio tags in Goldust.

Goldust hits Reigns with ten punches while mounted in the corner, followed by a powerslam for the two count. Goldust goes to the top rope for a crossbody, and gets a one count. Goldust goes for a running bulldog and misses, getting speared for his troubles. Reigns pins Goldust. As soon as he turns around, Mysterio flies off the top rope and gets caught. He hits Reigns a few times, and sets him up for the 6-1-9. Reigns immediately shoots up and nails Rey with a spear for the three count.

Roman Reigns pins Rey Mysterio to become the Sole Survivor

The Authority, including Kane, are joined by Randy Orton who asks them if they are all on the same page. Triple H says he is confused – is Orton demanding that there is interference or not? Triple H says he is the face of the WWE, while Stephanie tells him to go prove it.

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