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Corey Graves recently took to Twitter and Instagram, indicating that he may be leaving social media, which he says has become a “very toxic place”. Graves says social media has become “more exhausting than productive” and that some people “don’t know where to draw the line”.

Now if this all sounds vague and a bit cryptic, that’s because it is. No clue what prompted Graves to say this, but since when do people need much of an excuse to have a non-specific emotional outburst on social media?

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Here is the same post on both platforms:

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The IIconics Peyton Royce and Billie Kay cut a promo on Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair recently where they mocked the babyfaces. They criticized Charlotte for being given title shots for no reason and Becky for only being able to win when Charlotte is away. Charlotte and Becky responded with their own video mocking the IIconics and pointing out that the heels haven’t really beaten anybody yet.

The two duos have been going back and forth on Smackdown lately and here’s the latest exchange:

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