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In a since deleted tweet, Corey Graves called Taz insecure:

“Insecurity is a bad color on you @OfficialTAZ, shoulda stuck to orange and black.”

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Taz took an opportunity to respond, saying that he really didn’t know what Graves was referring to:

It is unclear what Graves’ motivations were but one speculation is that Taz said recently on Chris Jericho’s podcast that WWE needs commentators with high-level ring experience. On that podcast, Taz did speak highly of Graves and stated that little point was just his opinion.


Sami Zayn tweeted to Daniel Bryan after he and Owens put a beating on the Smackdown General Manager after Bryan took punitive action against them for their assault on SD Commissioner last week.

Here is Zayn’s tweet:


To add to the build-up for the Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn firing angle, WWE has removed both of their profiles from

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