-Many current and former Superstars have chimed in about the concussion Liv Morgan suffered when Brie Bella’s Yes kicks didn’t land as intended. We’ve covered such notables as Tommy Dreamer and Corey Graves, but now  none other than Daniel Bryan is sounding out about the heavily discussed spot from last week’s RAW. Check out a few of the Superstar’s tweets:

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Obviously Daniel Bryan came out supporting his wife, and considering the backlash Brie has received over the last week, you can’t blame him. I made my position clear on it before, that I felt it was a botch, but a botch is an accident. Clearly some on Twitter have taken the criticism too far, hence Bryan using the hashtag #endcyberbullying. Regardless how you feel, it was an accident and no one deserves to be bullied about it.

-According to PWInsider, WWE executives (including Vince McMahon) are plotting changes to the WWE Network. While nothing has been announced, rumors include more original content, the possibility of paid tiers gaining access to exclusive content such as regional house shows or tape libraries. These rumors will no doubt have people talking about WWE possibly acquiring rights to the entire Impact Wrestling library, something that was rumored previously. Any changes to the Network would not be expected before 2019.

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