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PWInsider reports that Dean Ambrose was seen yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama, which is where injured superstars go to see WWE doctors. So, it’s possible Ambrose was there for a check-up on the status of his recovery. Ambrose received a tear to his tricep last year and had surgery for it in December.

When Ambrose first sustained the injury, WWE said he’d be gone for nine months. There is no word on whether that was a legitimate timeframe or if it’s just to throw people off the scent to make an earlier return more significant.


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Nia Jax had a message for all the other women set to compete against her in the upcoming first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match:


WWE had a graphic on its website this weekend that might have spoiled who the final combatant in the Elimination Chamber match is going to be. The graphic for the event, which is no longer posted, included Finn Balor. Balor will be part of the Fatal 4-Way tonight to determine the last spot in the match.

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