– This Sunday, Daniel Bryan will face Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Championship at the inaugural WWE Battleground pay-per-view event. It appears likely that at least one more match between both wrestlers will take place as some people in WWE believe the Battleground finish will lead to a bout at Hell in the Cell on Oct. 27.

Regardless of the final outcome, current creative plans call for Big Show to return to the main event scene in a feud with “The Viper” in November and December.

– Mattel has revealed that a WWE Elite Flashback Lex Luger figure is in the works and they have a poll on WrestlingFigs.com asking fans which Luger era they would like to see created. The options are NWA Era Four Horseman Lex Luger, WWE Narcissist Lex Luger, WWE Allied Powers Lex Luger, and WCW NWO Wolfpack Lex Luger. The Allied Powers era is currently leading the poll.

(source: F4WOnline.com)

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