Former WWE and WCW wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke with WrestleReaction. Here are some highlights.

DDP on scripted promos: “The WWE gives me what they’d like to see and I rewrite it the way I want to say it. Because it’s my words, and I want to say them the way I want to say them. I’ll get their points over, but I’m not gonna be somebody else. I’m not going to take written material like they give the performers every night. This is something very close to my heart.”

DDP on working with Randy Savage in WCW: “96 my career and the diamond cutter was starting to take off. So when my whole thing with the NWO started, Randy [Savage] actually went to Bischoff and said “I want to work with him”. I would never have gotten that choice; would never have been able to say that. Our feud was so legendary on so many reasons, because we made it believable.” … “Randy Savage had total creative control of his character, and what happened to his character, just like Hulk did. And if Randy Savage didn’t think I was a top guy, he never would have done it.”

DDP on the difference between the late 1990’s and now: “[Back in the late 90’s] you could get away with a lot more stuff. We weren’t G-rated, even though Turner was a family programming…today, the WWE is totally family-based. Which is great for the kids. For the older people who really love it, they’re going to love it no matter what, and then the other people who are like ‘Wow, it’s not reality-based enough for me’, they’re gonna stop watching for a while.”

DDP also discussed David Arquette not wanting to win the World Title, and thinking the angle was a joke, and much more.

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