After suffering a concussion last week, Finn Balor was pulled from WWE Live Events over the weekend.

PWInsider reports that Balor is in Columbus Ohio and will be at Raw tonight. However, word is that Balor has not yet been cleared and will have to undergo an impact test before being allowed to perform.


Kurt Angle recently did a fan Q & A on Facebook.

On himself and Eddie Guerrero getting into a fight:

Eddie and I had a love/hate relationship. We loved each other, but fought like brothers. I remember one time we got into a fist fight. He tried to leg dive me, a move you do in Olympic Wrestling. I hipped down on him and started choking him out. Later, JBL asked Eddie “why would you leg dive an Olympic Gold Medalist?”. Eddie smiled and said “because I’m a dumb ass”. Lol.

On the superstar shakeup:

It adds flavor to the brands. You need a little change up from time to time. Really helps the wrestlers who are stuck and gives them another opportunity to prove themselves – and also adds dream match ups that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred.

On the past possibility of a mixed martial arts career:

I would have been a natural, but it wasn’t meant to be. Especially after I hurt my neck in 2003. I had weakness in my arms due to it. Rumors are that I have nerve damage. Not true. I did lose some strength due to neck injuries. To get into the octagon after suffering my injuries would have been stupid. These guys are animals today. World class fighters. In my prime though, I would have been a champion.

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