– Fans can meet Christy Hemme and AJ Styles on Saturday, November 10, 2012 from 12-2pm at Direct Auto Insurance (14187 West Colonial Dr.) in Winter Garden, FL.

– In an interview with MLive.com, Gail Kim discussed the challenges that women face in wrestling.

“Oh my gosh, women have it so much harder than men. If you ask me the differences are professional as well as physical. They change their clothes and are ready in 10 minutes; we’re spending hours on make-up and hair, only to get it all messed up in the first round. We have to look good.

When I came in the business, we learned it all on our own. Girls nowadays follow us, but they’re still shocked when they come in. It’s so much harder than they expect. But if the passion is there, it won’t go away.”

Kim also discussed if she will retire anytime soon and her marriage to celebrity chef Robert Irvine.

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