– Michael Cole wrote the following on Twitter today about Jerry Lawler and JBL:

“Congrats to @JCLayfield for his return! Look forward to the sparring. Surprised you could drag yourself off golf course! 4 days and counting to the return of @JerryLawler and I can’t wait! All is right in the world again. #LongLiveTheKing”

– Here are some injury updates on several WWE Superstars:

* Mark Henry right now is scheduled to return at the end of 2012 after having shoulder surgery a few months back.

* Hunico is scheduled to return at the end of January 2013 after surgery for a torn ACL.

* Evan Bourne is scheduled back in early spring after a foot injury.

* Christian is expected back in late November or early December after shoulder surgery

– Brad Maddox is being considered a Triple H guy because for whatever reason, Triple H has taken a liking to him. Maddox wasn’t looked at as anything special in OVW or FCW. However, it is said that he improved while in Florida but was hardly one of the top stars there.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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