Some initial thoughts on the first of HIAC’s two world title matches. First, this was the one match on the card that up until a few weeks ago wasn’t really on anyone’s radar. Second? I am happy that they are still allowing the WWE title match and surrounding storyline to be the main event, even with Cena returning. I am sure it’s only a matter of time before Cena overshadows that.

Predictably, Cena recieves a good bit of boos upon making his return. Cheers too, but he will always have the boos. As the match started, as it was to be expected, Del Rio goes after the surgically repaired arm. Even if the man’s finisher wasn’t an arm-based submission move, if they had a star returning from injury, it would be stupid to not have a big match focus some effort on re-injuring that body part.

WWE kept some shred of doubt out there for a bit-letting Del Rio slip out of the STFU helped send a message that maybe tonight wasn’t Cena’s night. But after some back and forth, Cena secured the upper hand, delivered an AA and got the pin for the win and the WHC belt as his reward for a speedy return from injury.

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