And finally, we have the actual cell coming into play at this year’s HIAC.

If prior encounters are anything to go on, this one wasn’t going to be pretty. Heyman right off the bat makes a beeline for the safety of the top of the cell, effectively making it a one on one match. But, in order to keep things interesting, we of course have the Singapore cane/Kendo stick, which is being used liberally by both men in an effort to clobber each other.

After much back and forth, Punk manages to get the upper hand, nailing Ryback with the GTS and getting the pin. Not before having a few ugly spots, not the least of which was a table that did not want to break. But having pinned Ryback, Punk was headed to the top of the cell to get him some of Heyman. Heyman,having thought he was perfectly safe high up above the ring, found out he thought wrong as Punk finally got some sweet revenge, beating up Paul E until finally dropping him with GTS on the roof of the cell. Will this be the end of the feud? I am sure we will find out tomorrow night, but it sure felt somewhat climactic.


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