Let’s be honest. These two were put in an unenviable position, pressed into duty due to the last-minute injury to Curtis Axel that necessitated the change of matches. That IC title match was surely missed-not a slight to either Sandow or Kofi, more a reflection of how much I had anticipated the clash of Axel and Big E.

That being said, it’s time to see Sandow string together a few victories-and, considering he’s the WHC in waiting, can we get the guy on the actual PPV card next month? Too much to ask? For now, he’s in the kickoff match for Hell In A Cell.

For what it was, it was a decent enough match. Both wrestlers are talented enough to put on a longer and better match under the right circumstances, but tonight wasn’t that time. After a bit of back and forth, Sandow takes control and gets the victory. Not that he needs to be unbeatable, but it just seems like Damien has been kept in the shadows a bit lately. And, he’s taken some losses. Given that he’s the briefcase holder, I do think WWE needs to treat him carefully-protect him, showcase him, maintain his credibility as a champion in waiting.  A nice victory tonight over Kofi is a good notch in  Sandow’s belt.

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