This was an unannounced match, surely put in to fill a bit of time on the PPV. Somewhat of a surprise add on, but it’s always enjoyable to hear the Fandango singalong (makes it hard to believe he’s going to stay a heel for long). And, of course, what’s not to like about Summer Rae?

I am also an admitted fan of Natalya’s. Call it my Hart family fan boy coming out. But Khali? To be blunt, putting him in a match against a young and athletic talent like Fandango is just asking for trouble.

That being said, the match was decent enough, thanks to 3/4 of the participants. Khali at this point in his career seems to be rounding into comedy relief. Kind of hard to remember that he once held a world title with the company.Much of the action was between the women here, which was probably a blessing. Summer Rae got to show off her talents and manages to pin Natalya, getting the win for her team.

It’s good to see Fandango on the card. But why can’t WWE showcase his talents against a younger and more athletic superstar, such as Dolph Ziggler or someone of similar ilk?

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