In a match I was looking forward to, we kick off the PPV portion of Hell In A Cell with the tag title match. As good a match as I expected from these 6 men, it’s almost surprising to see it booked to go first on the evening, but here’s assuming WWE wants to get the crowd into it early and keep things hot all night. These three teams should easily deliver on the notion of starting the night hot.

And what a match it was. Plenty of tag team back and forth action, amplified by the inclusion of a third team. Had this match simply been the Rhodes brothers versus either one of The Shield or The Usos, the match likely would have been pretty good. All together? Very good. Got a feeling the belts might have been in jeopardy once or twice. Golddust was looking great once again, though a lot of his effort tonight seemed to have been to take the beating. Cody and Seth Rollins had a memorable top rope spot that spilled to the outside as well.

With the action back in the ring, Cody went for Cross Rhodes, only to have it seemingly reversed. Dustin delivered a punch to Rollins, allowing Cross Rhodes to be delivered and giving the Rhodes brothers a title defense to kick off the PPV. Solid match from all three teams, and if this is an indication of what to expect from the tag ranks in the near future, things should be very enjoyable to watch.

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