-In something that has been rumored and speculated about for months, we are finally seeing official confirmation that Hulk Hogan is indeed going to be at Crown Jewel.

The recently re-instated WWE Hall of Famer had been hinting at an appearance at Crown Jewel for several months, but at that time nothing had been confirmed. The timing of his hints did make people believe that there could be some truth to the story-the comments were revealed right around the time WWE re-instated him.

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Even more recently, while many were pushing for a change of countries or a cancellation entirely, Hogan was singing a different tune. While Crown Jewel looked to be on life support, Hulk Hogan himself came out and declared that he would absolutely be going to Saudi Arabia.

Now, as is being reported by Ringside News and other outlets, Hulk Hogan has been formally announced for the event, showing up on promotional materials hyping the Friday event. In a week where WWE officially lost big names from the show including Daniel Bryan and John Cena, adding a name like Hogan can’t hurt.

The surprise for this move is that it was done with relatively little fanfare.  Especially considering the previously mentioned loss of Superstars, the expectation might be that WWE would look to make a big announcement on RAW or SmackDown to maximize the exposure. On the other hand, WWE might not be looking to hype up someone who is still viewed as somewhat controversial. Given the other issues with this major international event, they might be looking to avoid any more PR issues.

Also, considering that Hulk Hogan would be only making an appearance, and not an actual in-ring performance, the thinking may be to not draw an inordinate amount of attention to his inclusion on the show. While aging veterans like The Undertaker and Triple H are hyped, they are in a headlining match. It will be interesting to see what Hogan ends up doing at the show, and how he is received.

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