During his interview with BANG Showbiz to promote his upcoming “Evening with Hulk Hogan” event in the UK on November 14th, Hogan commented on WWE firing him earlier this year after his leaked racist rant was released to the public.

“It was business,” Hogan said, via TV3.ie. “I understand they’re a public company – and with a political correctness vibe in the air, I understand why they’ve removed all mentions of me. I don’t think they’re right, the WWE knows me better than anybody and they know I’m not racist. So I wish they had taken a different choice of action, such as suspension.”

“This whole racist rant or these comments – not to make light of them – but the people who have been supportive of me look at them more like just a mess-up, or a bad day and they know that’s not me.”

You can check out the entire interview here.

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