Welcome to WrestleNewz’s results from Wednesday’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling. There’s the typical video intro followed by Ethan Cater III (EC3) going over his win against Lashley last week.

Matt Hardy vs. Robbie E.

Robbie with a spear for a quick two count on Matt. An aggressive Robbie sends Matt to the outside and hits a senton off the ring apron. He slams Matt into the barricade and then back in the ring. Sleeperhold by Matt, which Robbie gets out with a jawbreaker. Robbie goes high risk and is caught with a side effect. A powerbomb from Matt and he heads to the top rope. He misses the elbow. Matt regains control and hits another side effect and twist of fate for three points in the tournament.

Winner: Matt Hardy

They shake hands after the match.

Gail talks about needing to beat Awesome Kong tonight to stay in the tournament and be the first female TNA world champion.

Matt puts over Robbie in the back for the match and shaking his hand.

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