James Storm was interviewed by the Irish News and Review. Here are some highlights.

On teaming with Gunner: “Me and Gunner are still a tag team and want to go after the tag team belts. I still want to be heavyweight champion. I’ve been here since the very beginning and feel it’s my turn to lead company.”

On Gunner throwing in the towel for him during Turning Point: ” At the time I was pretty frustrated but looking back now I see why he did it. Me and him are a tag team and I guess it’s in his best interest that I’m healthy . He wouldn’t want me injured or anything. Once your partners injured or anything that’s your tag team titles chance gone. I won’t get jealous about what he did.”

On being one of the last TNA originals still left in the company: “It’s had its highs and lows. In the very beginning we started out in Huntsville, Alabama at the national fairgrounds, there’s a lot of love there. Then we struck the deal with Fox Sports Net before linking up with Spike TV and starting European tours. I’ve seen it all. It’s definitely a lot better now that’s for sure.”

On TNA’s plans for the future: “Get bigger, get the name out there and make more people aware of TNA. It’s crazy how many wrestling fans do not know about TNA. Our main thing is to start spreading the word. We need our fans to help us spread the word and grow our company.”

On returning to Dublin for the UK Tour: “ I always love Dublin with the old style bars, they’re pretty cool. We usually arrive the night before the show and me and some of the guys will go out that night, have a couple of beers and walk around the town”

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