The strange saga between Mauro Ranallo and JBL is somehow still continuing. It was noted here yesterday that JBL was blocking everyone who was tweeting #FireJBL at him. But it was reported on the Wrestling Observer Radio today that JBL was also blocking: a) People who were wishing Mauro well, and b) People who followed both of them on Twitter.

Seems a bit crazy on JBL’s part to go that far. There are two sides to this. Bullying is an ugly part of life certainly. But ribbing and bullying has been going on in wrestling since its inception. We’re happy enough to be entertained by shoot interviews about stuff The Kliq did back in the day because they’re just stories. Have we become too hypersensitive in today’s world, where people are coddled too much when they ought to use adversity to toughen up? Maybe JBL is a belligerent jerk-off who was jealous and picked on someone smaller than him, or maybe Mauro should have stood up for himself instead of recoiling into depression.

Regardless, the fact that JBL is going out of his way to continue this now passive aggressive offense is foolish. He shouldn’t be fired but he was jealous and felt small himself and couldn’t handle the matter intellectually, which led to the bullying. And Mauro shouldn’t have quit, he should have used it as a point of pride because JBL was simply reacting out of a feeling of inferiority to begin with. Everyone is wrong one way or another. The whole thing was a stupid mess and it doesn’t really matter anymore.


Tonight is the last night of the superstar shakeup.

PWInsider Elite has reported that Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks are expected to appear tonight as part of the Smackdown roster. In addition to them, The Shining Stars, Sami Zayn and WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens are also being seriously talked about for a move.

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