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On the latest episode of Dinner With The King, it was revealed Jerry Lawler had a stroke just two weeks before WrestleMania weekend festivities got underway.

Lawler said the stroke occurred while he was at home on March 21st. He was with his fiancé Lauryn at the time. Apparently he was unable to speak for about three days and one side of his face was sagging. Somehow, though, he woke up one morning and had seemingly made a full recovery and got back to his regular routine and participated in WrestleMania weekend.


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WWE announced that Chris Jericho will be entering the Greatest Royal Rumble match in Saudi Arabia on April 27th. Jericho has been out of action since July of 2017 when he made a surprise appearance to compete in a United States Championship match on Smackdown. His last in-ring appearance prior to that was when he dropped the US strap to Owens on the Smackdown Live following Payback in April of 2017.

Check out the news below, which also announces Kurt Angle’s entry into the Greatest Royal Rumble:


Paul Heyman took to Twitter to thank Goldberg for allowing him to perform his Hall of Fame induction. Goldberg also offered his own thanks in return:

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