TNA star Jessie Godderz recently spoke with Scott Fishman of Channel Guide Magazine about the locker room in TNA and his matches with The Wolves. Here are the highlights.

On the TNA locker room:

“I’ve been wrestling for seven years come February, but when I walked into TNA, people may have thought it was just a one-off and I’m just here for a cup of coffee,” Godderz said.

“Now traveling down the road and on different tours, I’m seeing the new guys coming in and I’m no longer this newcomer. I think the hodgepodge of the guys and girls we have is great with those coming from promotions across the world. There is a mutual respect. Everybody has the common goal, and we are all having fun the entire time.

“When I first started out it might have been like I stayed in my little spot and worried about not stepping on anybody’s toes, but everyone was welcoming. Guys like Robbie E. being with him, he is obviously a character in itself. He brings a whole new aspect to it. It was an easy transition as soon as I started. There wasn’t any hazing or having to change somewhere else. I was just one of the guys. We all just went to work and are worrying more about putting on the best product we could possibly put on.”

On the Bromans – Wolves matches:

“I think the matches speak for themselves and the direction I’m going in my career,” he said.

“It’s upward and onward and about showcasing my talent, as well as showing more of me. I like to convey that I am ‘The Man.’ All the accolades and everything I’ve accrued right now, I walk out there with that same confidence. I want to show that this is my time now. …It’s like I finally hatched out of this egg. Everyone was waiting for it to happen. The tag team was a beautiful time. I loved the time with Robbie and learned a lot, but I also knew a lot before that. I’m a finely crafted vehicle. I’m the Ferrari of professional wrestling.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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