WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

Raw Main Event featuring Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan: The highlight of the night was the strong, WWE World Title Bout featuring Orton and Bryan. Excellent story….good pacing…plenty of near falls….the live audience engaged and emotionally invested…a tried and true, villainous conclusion that put all the steam on Orton and not on the referee. Plus, the message was made loud and clear that Daniel Bryan looks to have Orton’s ‘number.’

This was one of Orton’s best matches in a good while as his chemistry with Bryan is noticeable. For the record, I can’t recall the last time that I saw Daniel Bryan have a bad match.

Bryan may be the definitive, best wrestler in the business at this point in time.

Shawn Michaels confronting CM Punk: Pleasantly surprised to see Shawn Michaels unadvertised appearance on RAW and his segment verbalizing with CM Punk was entertaining. It seemed as the two were mostly ad-libbing their dialog which is usually better than when a writer creates copy while role playing as the talent and then the talent being challenged to memorize their lines on show day and accurately interpret someone else’s copy/creative direction in one take.

Roman Reigns build: Nice, continued slow burn type build for Roman Reigns who is beginning to look the part more and more each week. This process will likely never please younger fans who don’t generally realize that this creative journey takes time to do properly. No, there is no set length of time as in months, etc as this is a ‘feel thing’ and from my experience it t can take a year or more to arrive at one’s desired destination.

Shawn Michaels returning to the ring: Still get questions daily, and multiple ones after HBK has been on RAW, if HBK will return to the ring. I am unwavering in my answer and that is a definitive “NO.” Shawn has told me that he has no interest in returning for the proverbial “one, more match” as that chant will never go away even if he actually had “one more match.”

It seems obvious to me as it relates to WM30 that 1. Daniel Bryan will be in a main event level bout and 2. WWE will have ample ‘special guests’ return for the land mark 30th WrestleMania celebration.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman’s return: I’d also expect Paul Heyman to return to WWE TV soon as the serious build to WM30 begins in earnest, as usual, after the New Year and leading into the Royal Rumble. That means that one can expect to see Brock Lesnar return as well. I’m still of the belief that Lesnar’s TV persona will get significant and much needed exposure in one form or another to make the “Next Big Thing” as valuable an asset as possible for whoever he faces at WM30. I don’t expect to see Lesnar at an overabundance of RAW TV’s, which has to be strategically addressed, but I do expect his ‘presence’ to be on every show in some form including spokesman Heyman representing Brock. This is also were the great work done by WWE TV production people really steps to the forefront, too.

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