WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Jrsbaqbq.com. Here are some highlights.

The WWE Network launch: One would assume that if WWE was going to launch their long awaited, ballyhooed, WWE Network that it would be leading into WM30 in New Orleans as that would create a buzz for two, major events. So, my best guess regarding the Network’s launch would be in the 1st quarter of 2014 but that is merely a guess and arguably not an educated one.

Because of what I perceive will be the WWE’s target audience with their Network, who ever programs the network is going to have to have significant product knowledge and/or be surrounded with those that do. This might provide some former students of the game IE ex-wrestlers with job opportunities as time moves forward. (No, I’m not wrangling for work here.)

On NXT Talents not being called up in a timely fashion: Getting several emails here and Tweets @JRsBBQ about ‘deserving’ NXT talents not being called up to the main roster in a more timely fashion. Firstly, specifically why are they “deserving?’ Secondly, any new talent who’s naive enough to think that they can become a star simply by showing up on TV without introductory vignettes and an established game plan in place for the first 12 months of their ‘run’ is being naive and foolish.

If the powers that be cannot agree upon an introductory 12 month plan then the talent is better off staying ‘off Broadway’ and refining their game.

WWE 2K14: Getting great feedback on the new, WWE 2K WrestleMania mode of the new video game released in North American a few days ago and coming soon every where else. Jerry Lawler and myself recreated the commentary on the WrestleMania mode and had a great time doing it. This project was nostalgic in many respects and not only because of the historic nature of the matches that we called but the fact that it will likely be the last time that King and I work together on a project such as this.

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