WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV event and some of the matches that took place at the event. Here are the highlights.

On the Brock Lesnar – Undertaker match and usage of blood in that match:

Best match of the night was the ‘blow off’ bout to the Lesnar vs. Taker trilogy. It was a brawl with plenty of physicality from both men. The rare, blood sighting was timely and added drama to the presentation without fail. The use of blood needs to remain essentially rare but when the environment calls for it such as in HIAC or the Elimination Chamber it becomes something to consider but I don’t look for any more blood any time soon in WWE. Lots of basic MMA elements utilized in this main event which I enjoyed. Lesnar had to receive 9 staples in his head after the event to close his head wound we are told.  

Post match with Wyatt Family attacking a defenseless Undertaker, who had no one come to his aid which I ‘get’ but still found strange,  may lead to an elimination tag at the Survivor Series with Taker’s team versus the Wyatt’s. I see a 4 versus 4 traditional, Survivor Series elimination tag. Taker, Kane, Sting (if healthy) and one young talent who WWE wants to get a ‘rub’ vs the Wyatt’s. Or two, young talents if Sting isn’t able to join the presentation.

On Alberto Del Rio returning to WWE:

Not totally surprised to see Alberto Del Rio back in WWE after leaving Lucha Underground over ‘differences’ which usually concerns the two, C’s, cash and creative. ADR got a short, albeit decisive victory over John Cena, who’s taking some well deserved time off, to win the US Title. I’d suggest that WWE continue the US Title Open Challenge with ADR who takes on the task of continuing to rehabilitate the United States Title. It was a good way to start the show. If ADR turns on Zeb Colter then the WWE will have a better chance to run with Del Rio as a main event level fan favorite of distinction. This would be a nice in ring segment on RAW.  

On Seth Rollins vs. Kane:

Good win for WWE Champion Seth Rollins over Kane. A solid match and Rollins continues to evolve into a great hand. Kane is a HOFer in my eyes and not just because I hired him. I  also had no issue as to where the match was positioned on the line up of matches as many seemed to have according to tweets I received at @JRsBBQ.

You can read the entire blog here.

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