WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross published a new blog entry commenting on the recent passing of “The Hippy” Mike Boyette.

Condolences to the family and friends of the colorful, journeyman wrestler Mike “The Hippy” Boyette who passed away a couple of days ago.

The former United States Marine and judo expert was a noted, territory wrestler back in the day and I got to know him while we both worked for Cowboy Bill Watts.

Boyette had a noted, TV storyline based losing streak of something like “zero for 200” that we utilized on our weekly, syndicated broadcasts. Boyette was always looking for “that first win” while no one wanted to be Mike’s “first victim.”

The Viet Nam vet was also a skilled archer who had many dangerous and deadly assignments in the Viet Nam war. Stories had it he was a sniper and used the bow with deadly effectiveness. Mike Boyette was an American Hero.

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